How to care


How to clean and care your ceramic products?


The following steps will be helpful. We will show you how to clean and care your ceramics the right way.


Ceramic mugs or plates are fragile. Pls handle with care. Hand-washing is the safest way to clean them. Dish washer works in most cases. However, if your ceramic product has gold rim or wonderful decorative decals, it is better to avoid the dishwasher.


Also, avoid using harsh detergents or bleach.


To effortlessly remove oil and food stains from dishes, sprinkle baking soda over a damp sponge. Now, sponge the stained plate gently.


Rinse your dishes under running water. Make sure the current is not too strong.


Wash the dishes with dishwashing liquid as usual.


Wipe the dishes clean with a clean, dry cloth and put them back on the kitchen shelf. Your China and ceramic dishes should be as good as new by now!


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