After-sales Service Commitment


After-sales Service Commitment


All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair during the warranty period (1 year ), the followings are the service tips.


1. Product quality

1) Ceramic products are hand-made and it is made of ceramic clay. Pinholes, dust, black dots, out-of-shape, and color differences are really common issues. What we could do is pick up the qualified products.

2) Our normal quality is international AB grade. This quality is accepted by most brands and supermarkets. If your brand has strict requirements like Starbucks, pls advise us.

3) About damage/broken: Our normal packaging is based on egg tray bulk packaging. It means several pcs/inner box, several inner box /cartons. Such kind of packaging is not suitable for AMAZON sellers or other online sellers. Besides, if you need to ship the product by air, this normal packaging way is not safe enough. We could design safe packaging for you. Pls, tell us your ideal packaging method before ordering.



2. How to care for ceramic items?

Use a normal dishwasher and soft sponge to wash. If your ceramic products are decorated with gold foil, wooden handle, or other attachments, pls avoid the dishwasher.


3. After-sales service

All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to provide

a replacement for free during the warranty period. ( 1 year valid from the date of purchase and replacement is provided in the next order).


If quality problems happen for improper operation or beyond the period, we will charge for extra mold costs.


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